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NoSleep is a community for original horror stories. Stories may be true or not (but they are usually not). While most of our stories are fiction, we treat all stories like true, real life experiences, because the best scares come when you are immersed in the story. If it helps, don’t think of it as reading a story. Think of it as witnessing an event.

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All Things Horror: From Movies & TV to Books & Games

/R/HORROR, colloquially known as Dreadit by our subscribers is the premier horror entertainment community on Reddit. For more than 7 years /R/HORROR has been reddit.com's gateway to the darker side of entertainment.

So if you have a little time to KILL, come on over. We'll get the chainsaw warmed up for you.

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Scaredshitless: One stop place for horror!

A scary subreddit for fictional and real life horror. Enjoy if you dare.

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NoSleep Discussion

This is set up as a place to discuss concerns about or give opinions on/ideas for NoSleep. We finally got around to creating a safe zone for meta-posts. There are a few simple rules we ask that you follow in the sidebar.

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Scarymovies - Horror's Gateway Drug

Need Ideas for Movies That Will Scare the Hell Out of Me

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The Best Horror Literature and the Worst

This is a place to discuss horror literature. Any book is up for discussion as long as that discussion is respectful. It doesn't matter if you're into Stephen King or Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum or Lovecraft, this is the place to share that love and discuss to your heart's content.

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Three Kings Corner - Paranormal Experiments

A subreddit to share our experiences following any kind of paranormal recipe or ritual (not just the titular "Three Kings"). We will not attempt to establish what is "true" or "false", nor to judge anyone's beliefs, but simply respect and support the people who choose to share their paranormal journeys with us.

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Two-Sentence Horror Stories: Bite-sized scares.

Give us your scariest story in two sentences (or less)!

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/r/shorthorror - Horror in Small Doses.

Horror short films can be found all over the web, but finding them all is a task that nobody can fulfill on their own, so we're here to create the largest collection of horror shorts, old and new.

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Lead on to /r/scaredshitless!

/R/Scary is a subreddit for scary things, however /r/scary has moved to /r/scaredshitless!

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