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Reddit Parenting - For those of us with kids of any age

/r/Parenting is the place to discuss the ins and out as well as ups and downs of child-rearing. From the early stages of pregnancy to when your teenagers are finally ready to leave the nest (even if they don't want to) we're here to help you through this crazy thing called parenting. You can get advice on potty training, talk about breast feeding, discuss how to get your baby to sleep or ask if that one weird thing your kid does is normal.

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For geek, nerd or neuro-atypical dads.

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Baby Bumps

A place for pregnant redditors, those who have been pregnant, those who wish to be in the future, an anyone who supports them.

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BabyBumps Graduates

A place for new parents, new parents to be and old parents who want to help out. Posts focusing on the transition into living with your new little one and any issues that may come up. Ranting and gushing is welcome!

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Mommit - Come for the support, stay for the details.

We are people. Mucking through the ickier parts of child raising. It may not always be pretty, fun and awesome, but we do it.

And we want to be here for others who are going through the same experiences and offer a helping hand.

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Breaking Mom

Just say what's going on. No judgments, no nastiness.

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Support and knowledge about breastfeeding

This is a community to encourage, support, and educate mothers nursing babies/children through their breastfeeding journey. Fathers and Partners are also welcome here.

Please no perverts.

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subreddit for name enthusiasts!

A community for those interested in, looking for or want to share names. As long as you stay on the topic of names then your posts are welcome.

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For men about to become fathers

No description available.

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Raising Kids

Raising Kids is a community for those interested in insightful articles, reddiquette, reading before voting and intelligent respectful discussion on the topic of parenting and raising children.

This reddit is inspired by the ideals of TrueReddit and RepublicOfReddit.

What is not allowed

  • comments that are overly aggressive or hateful
  • Any sort of Low Investment Material (e.g.):
  • advice animals
  • comics
  • pictures of kids (except to illustrate a larger point)
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