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Hillary Clinton

/r/hillaryclinton is a Hillary Clinton forum to support the 2016 presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. Join other Hillary Clinton supporters on reddit!

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Reddit: Democrats

Democrats, democratic, democrat, politics, political, democratic party, democrat party, Obama, Warren, mid-term, primary, election, 2014, 2016, politician, congress, senate, governor, legislator, legislation

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Grassroots Select

No description available.

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Whoever Has Ears to Hear, Let Them Hear…

No description available.

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Blue Midterm 2018

A subreddit for Democrats to discuss the 2018 midterm elections - primaries, candidates, strategy, news, odds, funding, volunteering, donations and more. Discuss everything from state legislatures to gubernatorial races to Senate and House seats!

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For the people of the golden state who want the golden candidate

A sub that is dedicated to working toward Bernie Sanders' election, and more specifically, his Democratic nomination and election in the state of California.

Note: I'm new to the whole moderating business so if there is anyone interested in really taking the strong reigns in terms of running this sub I would happily appreciate it.

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Bern The Convention!

A subreddit specifically for Bernie Sanders supporters to organize and exchange information about attending the Democratic National Convention on July 24th and 25th!

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Kossacks for Sanders: a site for Bernie Sanders supporters "after" March 15

After March 15, '16, some users from "the Daily Kos" may be unable to speak freely about their support for Bernie Sanders, or their concerns with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential primary due to a new decree:

Some members may even be banned for doing so. We feel this defies freedom of speech as well as the general spirit of Democracy as many states have not cast their ballots.

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Still Sanders For President


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Texas For Sanders

Bernie Sanders for President in 2016!


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