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This subreddit is for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and anyone who just wants to put their mark on the world and make it a little more awesome.

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The place to discus startup problems and solutions.

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smallbusiness: Starting, owning and growing a small business

No description available.

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Articles of interest for freelancers and people who want to become one. Posts looking to hire freelancers, soliciting work, advertising external websites/blogs/mailing lists, promoting surveys, looking for market research, or using referral URLs will be removed and the poster will be banned.

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While this subreddit is all about Kickstarter, other crowd-funding sites are welcome too!

Post about your project or simply post about your favorite new project. Get some publicity going and help make these ideas reality!

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r/SideProject - A community for sharing side projects and startups

r/SideProject is a subreddit for sharing and receiving constructive feedback on side projects and startups.

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Yet another group of people striving for success in the competitive world of online business.

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Grow My Business

Welcome to r/GrowMyBusiness. Ask and/or give business feedback and advice. Everyone is welcome from entrepreneurs, owners, startups, small businesses, non profits, experts, engineers, designers, marketing & social media professionals, inventors, investors, IT professionals, lawyers, accountants, conultants etc.

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Web Startups

No description available.

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Hardware Startups: Solve hard problems

Welcome to the Hardware Startups sub-Reddit - feel free to post on anything that you think will interest anyone in the community. The idea is that we're a blend of r/DIY and r/startups content - like a Hacker News for hardware.

Good ideas: hardware news, prototyping/manufacturing how-to, success stories, physical Kickstarter pages, etc.

Bad ideas: General startup stuff, DIY articles without a startup angle, TC/VB/etc. link-bait, etc.

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