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Creative Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

What would be your backup job if you ever stopped doing your current job? Are you considering becoming self employed?

Post questions about potential business opportunities and useful information concerning the benefits and responsibilities of running your own small business

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Venture capital news and articles, for the VC industry and startups

No description available.

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No description available.

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Talk Drop Ship with Fellow Redditors

No description available.

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No description available.

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The place to get Alpha and Beta users and testers to test your app/website

Our innovators need people to use their products to give them feedback! It is hard enough to develop a product. Let's make it easier for them to recruit the critical early users that they need to tell them how to make their products better.

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Internet Business Subreddit

A reddit community focused on helping you start an internet business.

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r/shutdown - Startup deadpool

In which we discuss startups that have shutdown. A Memento Mori for entrepreneurs.

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Startup Accelerators

r/StartupAccelerators is a community for everyone who is interested in joining a startup accelerator program, has graduated from one, or has insight into the experience.

This is a forum for accelerator program advocates, graduates, and MDs to share accelerator program insights and answers to those who need them! Ask questions, get answers, SHARE your stories!!!

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indiebiz: Independent and Small Businesses Working Together

A Reddit for small businesses, independents and startups to offer and share services, products, resources, and insight.

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