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Welcome! This sub is for discussing Bungie's newest game Destiny a "shared world" action FPS.

Please read the sidebar rules, and search for your question before posting.

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Destiny 2

All about Destiny 2: The upcoming epic from Bungie

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Dregslist: Destiny Matchmaking

A matchmaking subreddit for Bungie's /r/DestinyTheGame.

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Destiny's Crucible

CruciblePlaybook is a subreddit for discussing strategies and techniques for Destiny's Crucible.

Team tactics, map knowledge, class builds, loadouts, game modes, gun skills and more.

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Official Destiny Subreddit

Subreddit to keep up on news and information for Destiny.

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Destiny Sherpa

Most of us are aware that it can be difficult for a new player to find a group to do their first raid. /r/fireteams moves fast & can be hard to pick through at times. is full of people who require you to have experience, a specific level, or weapons and can be discouraging to new players. And some people like to play sherpa. I would like to bring raid sherpas, and raid newbies together in a clean, organized fashion. One place for both types of people to go without any run around.

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RaidSecrets: Unlocking the secrets of Destiny, by Bungie.

> Subreddit for uncovering the secrets of the Destiny Raids. Here we will post about current theories, tested theories, and results that bring us closer to understanding in detail every part of the raid. Some will be cross-posts and others will be new posts. There will be a sticky updated regularly with the most recent findings. Let's bring the community together and see if there really is anything else hidden in the raids!

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Destiny 2 News and Discussion

Welcome! Please read the rules before posting. This is a pretty relaxed community. Lets try and keep it that way.

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Look good, Play good

Eyes up, Guardians! The fashion show has begun! A sub dedicated to the many looks of Destiny, a fantastic FPSRPGMMO from Bungie.

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DestinyLore: Piecing Destiny's lore together

Welcome! This sub is for discussing the lore of Bungie's game Destiny. Yes, Destiny does have a deep story. Get your tinfoil hats ready! From Grimoire to gameplay, we're piecing the puzzle together.

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