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Lucid Dreaming

Did you just find out about r/LucidDreaming? If that's the case, please read this post!

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No description available.

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Am I the Asshole?

A catharses for the whiner in all of us, and a place for all your interestingly-expressed gripes. Bitch about anything you want, tell us about a fight you recently had and find out if you're right, or you're the asshole.

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RoastMe - get ready for a roasting . Just say the words Roast_ME !

roastme coz you want a Roasting ! /r/Roast_Me - The subreddit for verbally assaulting someone until you hurt their feelings .... sometimes to the point of making them cry. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS

This is a comedy subreddit! Keep that in mind. Try to make a joke and be creative. Thoughtless insults aren't necessary. Happy Roasting!

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creepyencounters: post your mildly creepy encounters here!

This sub is for mildly creepy encounters where you weren't actually in any immediate, life-threatening danger, but that you still find somewhat creepy and interesting enough to share.

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things you did on ambien

chop off all of your hair

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Good old regular revenge.

This is the place for revenge stories that have no other home. This isn't petty, and it isn't pro. It's just regular.

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for that unsung 1/3 of your life

This subreddit is for sleep related discussion. Discussions may be based on questions related to sleep, OR on self-posted sleep related research.

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Billions of people experienced today differently. How was yours?

This subreddit is for journalistic accounts of your day for the purposes of seeing how different people experienced today.

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A moose once bit my sister...

A subreddit for you to share all those thoughts, ideas, or philosophical questions that race through your head when in the shower.

Showerthought is a loose term that applies to any thought you might have while carrying out a routine task like showering, driving, or daydreaming.

Please be respectful of others submissions, if you disagree - explain why in the comments.

We're not PC here so SJW can fuck right off.

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