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lin⋅guis⋅tics: the scientific study of human language

  • what form does it take?
  • how is meaning constructed?
  • how is it structured?
  • how is it produced?
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Vælkomin | Languagelearning

This is a subreddit for anybody interested in the pursuit of languages. All are welcome, whether beginner or polyglot.

  • 84,232 subscribers
  • A community for 7 years

Duolingo on reddit

The official Duolingo community of Reddit - a forum and chat where you can discuss all things Duolingo!

  • 37,127 subscribers
  • A community for 5 years

etymology: What life means

Discuss the origins of words and phrases, in English or any other language.

  • 36,353 subscribers
  • A community for 8 years


Logophilia is a prime subreddit for novel words and the lovers of words.

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  • A community for 7 years

For when you can't think of the word you need

No description available.

  • 28,722 subscribers
  • A community for 6 years


A reddit for the discussion and advancement of proper grammar in the English language.

  • 19,307 subscribers
  • A community for 9 years

/r/TEFL - Teaching English Around the World to Speakers of Other Languages

Questions, answers, teaching materials, everything related to teaching English as a Foreign language goes here. Welcome!

  • 17,873 subscribers
  • A community for 8 years

There is some sort of harmony. It is the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder.

The repository for all the worst linguistics-related content of Reddit.

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  • A community for 4 years

Constructed Languages for Language Geeks

Klingon? Na'vi? Please. We are the conlangers. We read grammar books and make sounds to ourselves all day for fun. We delight in the obscure, the non-English, and the diacritic.

  • 17,348 subscribers
  • A community for 7 years
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