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A collection of links to articles on astrology, as well as discussions about astrological topics.

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Cardistry is the non-magical, artistic manipulation of playing cards.

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Coin Collecting - Coin News - Coins in History

This is the place on reddit for dedicated coin collectors, or even if you've just come into the possession of a few coins and you'd like to know more about them.

We can help you ID mystery coins, but we'll need clear photos of the coin itself, without a lot of extraneous background. Giant blurry photos are little help, and a flatbed scanner often works better than a phone camera. Please limit yourself to 10 coins per submission, max.

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Fidget Spinners, the best type of fidget toy!

The place to discuss everything about fidget spinners, the best type of fidget toy out there!

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Low-cost software defined radio (RTL2832 SDR) community

A subreddit for the low-cost, DIY software defined radio (SDR) community. While originally dedicated to the rtl-sdr project, relevant content related to general SDR, RF and similar projects is also welcomed.

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/R/Silverbugs is a forum for people to come together and share in a community of forward thinking silver enthusiasts.

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/r/Dance: The Art of Movement of the Body

Since the beginning of the human race, dance has been an essential part of life. We used it to call rain, conduct ceremony, further competition, and enjoy good, old entertainment. These uses for dance have not changed one bit. In fact, they grew! Exercise, work, research, preservation, science, and much more! You name it!

One thing is for sure though...

Here at /r/Dance, we dance for the sake of dance.

We dance because we love it.

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Putting the LOL in vexillology

No description available.

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We all use them. Every single day.

Show us what you got.

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Reddit's Yoyo Community

We like to play with yoyos. Stick around and you may be surprised just how far they've come.

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