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Cooking, restaurants, recipes, food network, foodies, talk about it here!

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Simple, attractive, and visual. Nothing suggestive or inappropriate, this is a safe for work subreddit.

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Eating healthy on a cheap budget

Eating healthy on a cheap budget

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Bon crappétit!

Where shit, food and porn come together.

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We Want Plates

We Want Plates crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.

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Food for health and healthy cooking

Healthy Food and Healthy Cooking

Experiences information and questions are most welcome. Discussion of Healthy Food - nutrition news and research, food types and how they effect you. Discussion of Healthy Cooking - Recipes, thoughts, and ideas for healthier cooking!

  • Special Diet recipes
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Low Sodium
  • High grain
  • Raw Food
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Nutrition
  • Diet and the affects on happiness / mental health

Good food

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A place to become a better cook and share your culinary knowledge

/r/AskCulinary provides expert guidance for your specific cooking problems to help people of all skill levels become better cooks, to increase understanding of cooking, and to share valuable culinary knowledge.

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Food on a Budget.

Food on a Budget

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The Home of Pizza on the Internet!

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Grilled Cheese

Cheesy grilledness.

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