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r/ListenToThis: The New Music Machine

Listentothis is the place to discover new and overlooked music.

All submissions link directly to music streams. Automated moderation removes spam, reposts, household name bands, and poor amateur music. Other content includes AMAs from on-topic artists, an album discussion club, and genre appreciation threads.

Content is tagged by genre and split into editions for easy browsing. Music charts are posted monthly. Sidebar features multireddits that include all 600+ of the other music subreddits.

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vinyl: keep on spinning

No description available.

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The sub with a touch of retrofuturism, 80’s romance, 90's nostalgia, cyberpunk, tropic highways and thrilling nights.

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/r/audiophile - all about quality audio, gear, and reviews

  • audio·phile - a person with love for, affinity towards or obsession with high-quality playback of sound and music
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/r/mashups - The Home of Mashups on Reddit

This subreddit is dedicated to musical mashups.

A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another.

Looking for new mashups? Have one you can't remember the name of? Have a request for a song or information? This is the place.

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The subreddit for Gorillaz fans. Music, Art, and Discussions, all here!

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Music Theory

A subreddit for people who care about composition, cognition, harmony, scales, counterpoint, melody, logic, math, structure, notation, and also the overall history and appreciation of music.

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Aesthetics 美学

A subreddit for vaporwave aesthetics. Actualize your musical creations with the cutting-edge cross-media solutions of Aesthetics Corp.

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experimental beat music

For sharing and discussing experimental beat music from all genres and eras. 'Future', here, is a state of mind.

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