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Discuss and promote awareness of issues related to equality for women.

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Things of interest to feminist-ish people, male, female, and more

A safe(r) space for respectful, cooperative feminism-minded discussion, including its intersections. Content is actively curated by a pro-feminist moderation team.

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Sex-Positive Feminism: Now more critical and intersectional!

No description available.

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Gender Critical Feminism

gender critical feminism, gender critical feminists, radical feminism, radical feminists, trans exclusionary radical feminism, trans exclusionary radical feminists, feminists, feminism, women

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Ask Feminists!

No description available.

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Where nut job feminists get shown for the crazy they are.

A sub where feminists are called out for their abhorrent behavior which is starting to bring light to a corrupt movement based in racism, classism and sexism and is doing more harm than good across the world by perpetuating lies and misinformation to deceive the public.

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Gender Critical Feminism

Gender Critical Feminism

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Men's issues through feminism

The goals of this sub are

Identify gender issues that men face

Analyze the underlying causes of them and how to address them

Support men who want to break out of gender roles (as well as men who don't)

Educate men about gender roles

While this is primarily a space for men and about men, women are welcome to participate.

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Cyberfeminisms - Because technology should empower everyone

No description available.

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A place for Radical Feminists

For topics and conversation relating to feminism from a radical feminist perspective.

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