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Socialism: Democratic control of the means of production by the working class for the good of the community rather than capitalist profit.

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Socialism 101

Socialism_101: A space for learning about socialism and the socialist perspective.

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Workers of the world, unite!

Marxism is a growing/changing economic/sociopolitical worldview and method of socioeconomic inquiry based upon a materialist interpretation of historical development, a dialectical view of social change, and an analysis of class-relations within society and their application in the analysis and critique of the development of capitalism. Marxism encompasses an economic theory, a sociological theory, a philosophical method and a revolutionary view of social change.

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Socialist Rifle Association

Never disarm the working class!

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Socialist Music

A subreddit dedicated to sharing and appreciating music that is socialistic either in nature or in spirit.

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One People, One Nation, One Leader

Why are people Anti Semitic?

American based National Socialism.

We would very much appreciate it if you would look beyond the thin veil of nonsense lies used to ignite wars for international finance.

We believe in restoring America's national unity, by looking at our founding principals. We believe when our first government wrote the Naturalization Act of 1790 , they were thinking of us.

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Canadian Socialism: a community of all Canadian far left supporters

This is the Canadian equivalent of /r/socialism This is a home for all far left, socialist and communist redditors of Canada. This subreddit is brand new and needs help developing.

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