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Everywhere Cozy. A place to showcase your favorite cozy place, a place you found that's cozy (with credit to source) and discuss ideas and inspiration to make your place a den of zen!

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I am a Big Asshole

A community for big assholes to be called out.

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World of Warcraft goblins

World of Warcraft goldmakers (goblins) gathering to share information on the WoW economy.

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Low tech brilliant mechanisms of technology

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for everything that was clearly done under the influence of mind altering substances

y'all know what this is: a spin-off of the r/holdmy family (including r/holdmybeer r/holdmyfries ...) but this time a bit more wide-eyed craziness.

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NintendoWaifus galore!

Subreddit dedicated to nintendo waifus like Pyra/Mythra, Marina, Zelda, Twintelle etc.

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viproom memow

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Welcome to r/drifties! We are a new subreddit focused entirely on drifting animals, or animals that run so fast they lose traction and spin out of control. Our content is meant to be wholesome and comedic, focused on lighthearted videos and gifs that show animals sliding.

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We share useful information to make easier to stay home during COVID-19. We are together in this one - let's make the best out of it.

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Mini worlds created within your bookshelf!

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  • A community for 7 months
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