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A subreddit where you can share an aspect of your life and internet strangers will help you optimize it.

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Coronavírus Brasil (COVID-19)

Notícias, estudos e informações em geral sobre o coronavírus, principalmente voltadas para o Brasil.

Por favor reportem casos que perceberem que as regras foram quebradas.

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A subreddit dedicated to the scary advancements in technology. Post about scary looking machines, weapons, robots or discuss the crazy shit that technology is causing and share memes here! Scary might be perceived as scary in appearance, technological ability, or future implementations. This is the sister subreddit of /r/InsaneTechnology

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Want to know what your food is called? Are you searching for the name of that delicious snack from the nineties? What ingredient did your grandma use in her special recipe? Find your food and drinks by asking the community!

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The Porn of Color Grading

High quality, side-by-side comparisons showing the before and after of color grading and short videos showing the process in layers. Both video and still comparisons are welcome! NOTE: This sub is not for color grading actual porn, for actually color grading porn, you can visit r/ColorGradingThePorn.

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Thanks Europe

No description available.

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How cinematography shots were filmed: a behind the scenes look of your favorite video clips.

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Like AITA, but here you get a DND style alignment assigned.

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Gifs and images of heavy winds

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If it’s third world and genius, it belongs here. Yes it's spelled wrong, yes we know, no we don't care. It's part of our culture.

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