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Renewable Energy: safe, clean, unlimited energy for our future.

A friendly place to discuss the renewable energy that are transforming the way we power society. Good faith, intelligent conversation is what this sub-reddit is all about. Also, for debunking nuclear and fossil lobby propaganda.

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solar news

Discussion of solar cells, solar energy, solar power, solar heating, solar panels, pv, off the grid, and more.

Solar technology is perhaps the greatest development of the modern age. Improvements to designs are happening in rapid succession. How efficient will it become? When will it become so affordable that it's accessible to everyone while remaining profitable to manufacture? How are other energy industries having an effect on solar technology development and its success in the market?

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Everything Off the Grid

A place to share all of your off-grid technologies, experiences, and advice.

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Nikola Tesla

Feel free to post any materials regarding free energy concepts, most particularly relating to Nikola Tesla's concepts, patents, and inventions. Other news and discussion regarding the awesomeness that is immortally Nikola Tesla and his legacy, patents, and concepts, is welcomed and encouraged. If you are new to this content matter, please feel free to check out "Zero Point Energy" documentaries on the web, as most of these are based on concepts initiated by Tesla.

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Oil, gas, and other products that keep the world flowing

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Nuclear Power

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Renewable: News for energy nerds, stuff that matters

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Wind power news and articles

Wind power news and articles, including onshore and offshore, and related technologies, including turbines and wind farms. Wind power is one of the oldest, cleanest, and most plentiful renewable energy sources on Earth.

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