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Learn Math

Post all your math-learning resources here. Questions, no matter how basic, will be answered (to the best ability of the online subscribers).

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Unexpected Factorial

This subreddit is for posting when people are talking numbers, and type a number followed by an ! - making it a factorial. This is unexpected, so people usually say /r/unexpectedfactorial and post it here.

Read the rules in the sticky.

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Geometry is Neat

Welcome to r/geometryisneat. A place where you can post neat pictures of geometry. It can be anything geometric or aesthetically pleasing! After all, Geometry is Neat!

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Math Homework Reddit

No description available.

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/r/mathematics is a subreddit dedicated to focused questions and discussion concerning mathematics.

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Math Pics: What math looks like

No description available.

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matlab: because octave just won't cut it

A place to discuss the MATLAB programming language and its implementation.

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Math Education: Mathematics for Educators

Math education! Anything math related that is useful for education, teachers, or students. There should be an emphasis on usefulness (such as good internet resources or ideas for how to teach a concept).

Note: This is not a subreddit to publicize each post in your (or any single) blog or website, but rather to point out resources you've found that you could actually see bringing something useful to a math class.

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Badmathematics: Your comments are unwelcome shit and will be ignored.

Dear editor,

I am in the possession of a proof that the complexity classes P and NP coincide exactly. I write to your illustrious and prestigious ~~subreddit~~ journal with the hope that you might publish my manuscript detailing the proof. I have included, for your consideration, a high quality printed draft of the manuscript, along with sketches of the desired figures.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly, Karl Theodor Vahlen

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