news about the dynamic, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language Python

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Python Educational

Subreddit for posting content, questions, and asking for general advice about learning Python programming language.

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Build the web with Python and Flask

Flask is a Python micro-framework for web development. Flask is easy to get started and a great way to build web sites and web applications.

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Quick python tips to add to your collection

A place to get a quick fix of python tips and tricks to make you a better Pythonista.

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Beginner Python Projects

Have you just started python and are looking for some simple projects to tackle? Check out this subreddit to find some.

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Home Assistant

Home Assistant is open source, python-based home automation software, available for free at

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Python Statistics

A place to discuss the use of python for statistical analysis.

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Python coding: a subreddit for people who know Python

A subreddit for python developers to share articles and news about the python programming language and libraries and frameworks for it.

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IPython: A place to ask questions and discuss all things IPython and Jupyter related.

If you have a question about IPython, (now Jupyter) the programming language written by scientists for scientists with an eye towards presentation, we want you here. If you have tips, Notebooks you want to share, or you want feedback we want you here. We welcome posts about the all versions of the IPython IDE, plus Markdown and LaTex. We discuss the popular libraries Mathplotlab, SciPy, NumPy, & SymPy. If you want to know about features like embedded video or animation check us out.

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PyGame on Reddit

No description available.

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UoR: Python 2.7 - Want to learn Python 2.7? Follow these lessons!

Here, you get to follow my lessons to learn Python! Or, if you have any questions, just post, and I (or other people) will do out best to help you!

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Ask questions about the "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" book.

Ask any questions specifically about the code in "Invent with Python" or the book's blog, or questions about making your own similar game programs. Feel free to show off your new programming skills here! You can use /r/learnpython for more general Python questions.

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Python for Scientific Computing

No description available.

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All about Python programming

python programming tips tricks pitfalls

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