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FIRST Robotics Competition

Anything and everything FRC related!

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robots that make things

For any links / discussion of projects built with / using / or the construction of MakerBot Industries CupCake CNC, Thing-o-Matic, Replicator, or other mashed-up variants.

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Roomba & Other Robotic Vacs

For discussion of all things Roomba, or any robotic vacuums!

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Technology-based Sci-fi and Fantasy pictorial art

Technology-based Sci-fi and Fantasy pictorial art featuring robots, cyborgs, mechanisms, vehicles, spaceships, futuristic cars or other transport

other tags: science fiction, scifi, future, science-fiction, sci-fi

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The future is automation !

A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor. All can share in our achievements in a world where food is produced, water is purified, and housing is constructed by machines.

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Design / Layout / Manufacture / Assembly of PCB's

Subreddit to discuss tips for design / layout / manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), including schematic capture, assembly, and soldering of SMD and SMT. Related topics are 3D, CAD, EDA, Eagle, DipTrace, KiCad, Spice, schematic, gerber, solder, breadboard, electronics, robotics, DIY, IC chips, engineer, electronics, robotics, robot, audio, microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, STM32, AVR, ARM, transistor, resistor, capacitor, inductor, EEPROM, FPGA, I2C, SPI, USB, 3D

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For Robots who function like bender on a bender

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Manna - Two Views of Humanity's Future

The book "Manna - Two Views of Humanity's Future" describes two possible futures as robots and automation take more and more jobs in developed economies. The /r/Manna subreddit is an open forum where people can discuss the issues and ideas raised in the book.

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FIRST Tech Challenge

The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), formerly the FIRST Vex Challenge (FVC), is a robotics competition targeted toward middle and high school-aged students. It offers the traditional challenge of a FIRST Robotics competition but with a more accessible and affordable robotics kit. The ultimate goal of FTC is to reach more young people with a lower-cost, more accessible opportunity to discover the excitement and rewards of science, technology, engineering and math.

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Digifab: Digital Design and Fabrication

Content related to any type of digital fabrication (making stuff with the help of computers and computer controlled machines). News, how-tos, new software or hardware announcements, research, case studies, success stories, and so on.

Topics could include 3D printing, 3D scanning, CNC milling, laser cutting, traditional CAD/CAM software, robotics, generative design software (and frameworks), digital art and craft.

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Linux Development Boards

Welcome to /r/linuxboards, a subreddit for discussing the miniature sized, Internet of Things (IoT), and the amazing things we can do with them. From robotics or an alarm clock the Internet of things is on the way. Post your board contribute to the community!

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Robot News

The Cutting Edge of Robotic Innovation

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VEX Robotics

No description available.

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Robotic, automatic, automated, and autonomous lawnmowers

Anything relevant or pertaining to the technology and products that mow lawns without the need for human assistance.

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